Why you should join Orkla as a Procurement Analyst

Let us start by giving you a simple reason why: Orkla is the leading supplier of branded goods for (amongst others) grocery chains in the Nordics, Baltics and selected countries in Central-Europe and Asia. In other words, Orkla is an integrated part of the daily activities of hundreds of thousands to millions of people.

Orkla has organized the procurement function in Orkla Group Procurement (OGP), which consists of approximately 150 people.

OGP is now looking for four new Procurement Analysts and Senior Procurement Analysts to their offices in Oslo, Malmö and Stockholm. The positions are within the Packaging, Raw Materials, Indirect Materials and Corporate Services functions.

But first things first; what does a Procurement Analyst really do at Orkla? Traditionally speaking the profession and the trade itself revolved around creating and implementing cost effective synergies across departments and countries. At Orkla on the other hand, Procurement means so much more.

– Orkla and OGP are just about small enough for you to be given both the responsibility and opportunity to directly influence processes, but simultaneously large enough to challenge every employee – every day, says Sigurd Røthe, Senior Analyst at Orkla Group Procurement.

– We develop strategies, analyze, negotiate and communicate, both with suppliers and internal stakeholders. We are responsible for contracting suppliers that can deliver on many areas such as quality, food safety and timeliness. At the same time as we have to ensure that all Orkla companies receive the right products at the right time and place, we also need to ensure that we remain competitive. Competitiveness is crucial, says Senior Category Analyst, Jeanette Heltne.

– Plainly spoken we have direct influence on the company’s bottom line. This is most definitely a strong motivating factor to do your job right! She adds.

From packaging to negotiations

So, how does this work in reality? Let’s look at an example from Packaging.

Anamma is the largest producer of vegan meat-substitutes in the Nordics. As much as the product ingredients need to be of sustainable inherit, the packaging materials should be too. This is where the Procurement department is added to the equation: to identify and utilize the most sustainable packaging material in close cooperation with both the Orkla company and the supplier.

– It’s a fact that an increasing number of people want their groceries to be sustainable both during production and packaging! For this reason exactly, we’re challenged to always find the best ways to strengthen our brands.

Sigurd Røthe, Kine Solberger-Bjørkerot and Jeanette Heltne from Orkla Group Procurement.

Another example is cocoa products.

– Before making any decisions it is necessary that we perform investigations and analyses to ensure that the goods we purchase are certified and comply with all regulations for working conditions and human rights. Berries and the berry pickers fall under the same category, says Kine Solberger-Bjørkerot, a Director within Procurement.

Plainly spoken their responsibility is to ensure that packaging, products and suppliers are “in the clear”.

– We don’t only work with cost reduction, our involvement is wide-spanning. When you work in Procurement each day is different, whether you’re on site with suppliers in Europe or Asia, visiting one of our many Orkla factories, or working with strategies and business cases, says Heltne.

– You’re definitely not stuck for 100 hours struggling with the same Excel-sheet! She adds.

This is what the role asks of you

OGP is looking for a person with a relevant Master’s degree. It is definitely an advantage if your background is in civil engineering, supply chain/logistics or economics, and even more so if you have some relevant work experience.

– We’re not saying that you must have previous work experience, but it’s a plus if you have some knowledge about procurement, sales or analysis. In this role some of the most important personal traits are interpersonal communication skills and an analytical mindset. You need to comfortable with numbers, you must be tactical and understand how to run negotiations, says Solberger-Bjørkerot.

In the Procurement team you will work with colleagues in other countries and collaborate with several departments in-house.

– In this role you are given incredible ownership to our categories. Orkla has large portfolios and manages large financial values, which means you are also given great responsibilities. This is why you need to be a person that dares to make methodical decisions.

Read the fully detailed job-description here.

A social group of people

Working cross-functionally, there’s no doubt that you’ll be challenged professionally. Subject-matter expertise is highly valued at Orkla Group Procurement, which is why they host a biannual Procurement Forum. Here, everyone working in Procurement in Orkla meets for «subject-chats», but also to socialize with colleagues. Last fall the entire OGP team travelled to Tallinn for two days filled with professional input and fun social activities.

– Hands down – we have an amazing work environment! Once a month we have after-works where colleagues gather over a dinner and fun activities. As an employee you also have access to several workout schemes through Orkla Sports, Solberger-Bjørkerot and Heltne explain.

– As a Procurement Analyst at OGP you will work across the entire organization, and you’ll be academically challenged to ensure you are always growing professionally!

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